September 17th 11:22pm - New blog

I've finally gotten aroudn to creating a proper blog site of sorts... I'm still hacking aroudn with one particular theme i ifoudn and so until please follow the following link to access my new blog page. Incidently, these new blog is integrated with my facebook profile so if you monitor that you'll see my posts there :D.

September 6th 11:26pm - Bad Omen #3

So i finally arrive in Japan. I get to immigration in Tokyo, guy gives me a scare cause he sees 5 entry stamps ito japan already in my passport so he gets a little freaked up and starts to question me, but all is good and goes over without incident. I jump on my connecting flight and i land in Nagoya, finally here.

When i get to the baggage claim, there is a green box on teh belt going aroudn with my name on it ebfore any of the luggage comes out. So i walk up to the person working there and i basically say "the going around and around green box with my name on it means what?" Well needless ot say, when one of your bags don't make it, they tell you BEFORE hand instad o f waiting until all the bags are out and going wtf where's my shit. So we basically spend the next 30 min filling out paperwork. In which time, 1 of my bags comes out, the one with my computer and books in it. So crap, i'm going to be without fresh clothes for a few days.

Well no worries i survive my first two days in japan, and i get my bag on thursday night. I go through it friday and low and behold, that's weird i remember packing my Wii... Oh.. that's right... apparantly the reason why this bag was late was cause some jackass, probably in NYC went through my bad, took my wii and took ALL my controllers and games, amounting to about $750 in merchandise... That's a felony my friend... Needless to say, to add insult to injury, everyone tells me they can't do anythign for me. I mean liek wtf, you went through my damn bag, one of your workers and stole my damn wii... Like wtf! So now i'm wiiless, it's kinda like i jus tthrew $750 into the air and burned it.

Oh on that friday, on the way to school a bird... yes a bird, shat on me while i was riding my back... So i had to turn around and head back to my room and change...

September 4th 11:37pm - Site Down

Site will be down as i migrate it ot a linux system and up the total storage space.

September 3rd 6:37pm - Bad Omen #2

So not htat i'm really bitching or anythign but i thought i coudl continue with my various bad omens of returning to japan was a bad idea (though totally concentrating on stuff in Japan as there wasa a few things that kicked me in the ass and are sitll doing so back in boston.) Anywho, back to Japan.

Oh before that, just to preface everything with some good news. I recieved the document that allows me to get my visa today!!! So i will def. be here until the end of next year. woooooohooooo

So, i arrive at JFK airport without incident. I sit there twiddling my thumbs for 2 hours as i work feverishly to make sure all my accounts are update. Time comes to get on the plane, i get to my seat, seat configuration is 3-4-3 and that there is a mother and her 2 children already in the seats, where i have the window seat. No problem, i start to say in japanese that i have a seat in this row, so the kid in teh aisle seat gets up and goes into the row behind with his father and 2 other siblings (one is an infant in arms). To which i reiterated that the window seat was mine and then the kid sitting in hte window seat just started balling like a little bitch. Needless to say i interjected and was like, "it's fine it's fine, i'll take the aisle seat". I should have known from that little outburst that the next 14 hours would suck royally.

Well, let's just say one kids like to kick the back of my chair, another enjoys getting in and out of his seat. Another enjoys bashing his fists against his table totally pissing off the guy in front of him and the last one enjoys randomly screaming when he doesn't get what he wants. Then it gets better, the infant in arms, totally horrible parnets let's him run around in teh walkway between teh aisle seats. This can't can't even walk so he keeps falling into people and stuff... it's ridiculous, these have to be the worst parents ever! And to boot, they were Japanese, which is the most amazing part. Needless to say, i had pulled an all nighter the night prior so i cvould get on the right time schedule, and now i'm not going to be able to sleep at all cause of this little cocksuckers....

September 2nd 12:19pm - Bad Omen #1

Well i'm in Japan. Gotta a lot of shitty stuff i've had to work through lately. Alot of it still isn't resolved. Alot of people have been asking how things have been going so far. As far as Japan is so far, it's kinda weird. It doesn't feel like i'm in a new place. Or even a different life. Feels like i just got back from summer vacation and i'm starting a new semester at school. It's a little surreal in that respect. So i've kidna gotten settled, though i think i'll need another week or so until i get fully settled.

So i geuss i should at least start telling you the story of like the worlds aligning themselves basically telling me i shouldn't come to japan. So first off, i get to the airport and i have my monitor and computer in one large box, my clothes in one bag and my books in my carry-on. I go to check my luggage and the lady asks me what's in the box, and i say a computer and she flips out and says you can't ship computers. So i then proceed to spend the next 15 min taking my computer out of the box, warpping it in a plastic bag and then puting my carrying luggage into the box. I then spend the next 24 hours of traveling carryign my desktop around in my arms. needless to say my arms were completely destroyed when i got to my dorm room.

August 22nd 8:42pm

So only 2 more days till i move out. I'm still not packed, at all.... But i'll be getting my shit together in the next 2 days hopefully. I'm going to be working on redoing this website as it is old and i want peopel to be able to respond to stuff i post here. Just 5 more days till i fly off to japan and start my new life.
"Percentage of men who would never skip another workout if... ...
they could build twice the muscle with half the effort: 40%
...women began wearing see-through spandex: 16%"
Best stat EVER!

April 16th 11:00pm

Haha this is why i love the japanese,

"How does the small arrow in the screen of the computer work when we move the mouse?
Haven't you ever wondered how it works?
Now, through the miracle of the high technology, we can see how it is done.
With the aid of a screen magnifying lens the mechanism becomes apparent."

April 6th 4:27pm

Well, i'm sitting here... in the miami airport, my flight to Jamaica delayed 90 min... the layover was already 90 min, so here i'm finding myself trying to keep myself occupied for a total of 3 hours. Wrote some e-mails and such, updating me website. Oh, hehe maybe i should explain the Jamaica thing. So, i've been working in in tampa for the last 3 weeks and this week i realized, well, plane tickets to jamaica are about the same or less than flying back home to boston. So, here i am, flying off to jamaica to visit my grandparents and my other relatives. I've noticed something, and i know i've mentioned this before, how i get giddy when i hear japanese being spokene and such by people around me... well, it happens when i start hearing jamaican accents as well. But it's cool i can't explain it. And this isn't the first time someone in my family has done extensive studies inside of japan in my family. My grandmother, is an ikebana master. Basically she was certified to instruct other ikebana senseis (<-- it's always weird pluralizing a japanese word since they don't have plurals), i think i've mentioned this beofre also.

So i'm sitting here watching all the people walk by. It seems so weird, you see people, you see how they act and what they do. Mostly i wonder where they are going, i mean being in an airport, everyone here is going somewhere. Hmm, life is about sacrifices, you sacrifice something for soemthing else, one could even make a comparison to the idea of alchemy, but it all just breaks down to quid pro quo. I mean here i sit... wondering i shoudl traevel more... then i realize i could have. I could have traveled lots. But why didn't i? Well, since i started studyign japanese, every single oppurtunity to travel that i've had, i've taken it to go ot japan and study japanese. Seems kinda weird doesn't it? I mean, here i am, spending my vacation to go BACK to school and do more work. For a long time i told myself if i never become fluent, i'd have wasted all this time and money learnign japanese. Well, i apologize, this isn't what this blog has been about in the past, just leave me with my one post about myself. ok with that... i'm going ot hop on the plane and head to jamaica... oh sweet succulent patties how i crave thee.

March 27th 10 :40pm

Hehe leave it up the japanese, their TV has no bounds it's so good! Check this out, japanese pranks. Anywho, today as i was out getting lunch, a Lamboughini muceilago drove by me... it was pretty cool.

March 25th 12:00pm

Well like i said, i've uploaded all my pics from this past weekend in New York. Most of them are from when i went to the New York Botanical Gardens. I'm very pleased, my pictures came out really well this time.

Hehe, I know i'm not the only one that has "pet intervention" when trying to use my computer. But let me give you an idea of what i have to deal with ANY time i sit down at my computer. She HAS to drape her head over my arm... making it very difficult to type much.

March 24th 11:48pm

Hehe, so i've been busy lately... i know i say the same thing every post. I was in NYC for work 2 weeks ago and spent the weekend doing some sight-seeing and checking out the orchid show. And then plans changed and instead of returning to boston on sunday, i flew down to tampa to work for another client. So that's where i'll be for the next 2 weeks. Heh, life of a consultant.

ANywho, found a good link to show to people... have you ever wanted to download vids from youtube, well there was a complicated way of runnign a script while in firefox to get teh video, but now someone has gone and made a website that does it for you. Youtube uses a not as popular video format so you'll need to download the VLC player as well. I'll post up some pictures later this weekend.

March 11th 7:35pm

Hmm, i'm hungry. I really need to learn how to cook something other than microwaveable easy foods to make. I kinda want patties... oh patties are so good. For those of you who don't know what patties are, they are Jamaican junk food, but everyone eats them, rich/poor atheltes/sedentry people... It's kinda like the LOG from blamo...

Link Dump:
One Point English Lesson - This quick video gives some phrases in english for the japanese to learn, audio NSFW

March 9th 12:41am

So my website got housed by my hosting compnay and had to be restored.. hence why teh march 3rd thigns disappeared. Just say Pan's labrynth tonight, it was good for what it is. Just not what i was expecting it to be. Not enough of pan's labrynth to say and all the cool shit you see in the previews is pretty much it. kinda upsetting. But this weekend 300 comes out and i'm debating whether or not i should go and see it opening weekend... Plus i have my taxes to do and finishing up the last bits of my visa application to go to japan in october.

Link Dump:
Cat Proximity - Cats... everybody important loves kitties

((")(") Im a Bunny Hop Hop Hop!!

March 3rd 8:12pm

Hey everyone... So lots of japan stuff happened this week. I finally got the results for the exam i took back in dec, the scantron test. (don't ask me why it takes them 4 months to process a scantron) but... like i thought i did horribly. 33%, on a multiple choice test, that's just a little bit better than chance. My week spot though, as far as i could tell, is kanji. I reall don't konw as many kanji as i thought... so i need ot pick up the pace and start more actively studyign kanji. 1000 by december, will be rough. We'll see though. At least now i'm taking a japanese class again at this local women's Japanese college called Showa. Best part about this class is that at the end of the class they bring in some of the students, and for the last 20 min i get to have a conversation with with a native japanese speaker. But i may be concentrating a little too much onmy spoken japanese, as i said before it seems kanji is my weak spot.

Link Dump:
Building Planes - Cute commercial about building on the fly

Otaku Train - Love story about a guy and how to get the girl. Coincidently this was so big in japan that i think that this music video is based of it... Orange Range - Onegai! Senorita - Han densha otoko hen

B-Boying - Another b-boying video i found and liked... it's actually the competition that the b-boy music video i linked here a couple of months ago was from... that actually one is from abou t12 min in... that's Junior

Marriage - No kids No Marriage!

Copyright they are just for show - Yeah like that isn't a complete rip-off right there...

Me: bah i'm such a nintendo fanboy
J: who is verifying that 1.8M number?
J: exactly
Me: actually Nintendo comes out with a press release saying they hit the 1.8million mark or the 2.0 million mark
J: imaginary scaled down flying elves that sound like mosquitos fuel your nintendo ego

Febuary 25th 6:49pm

Well let's start it out with something taken out of context sounding completely retarded...

"It is likely that women reap similar benefits from napping, but not enough of them died during the study to be sure, said Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, the study's senior author and a researcher at Harvard University and the University of Athens Medical School."

Well, my birthday was this passed weekend, and now i'm officially in my "late twenties"... It's kinda sullen to think of oneself as old. I mean almost everyone of my friends is getting married or has gotten married within the coming year. Not like i'm looking to get married any time soon... i'm still... kinda young...

Hehe, so last week me and two friends finally went snowboarding up in NH, here's a pick. Mental note, next time take of my facemask... Sorry no action shots this time...

That very same weekend we went to this Karaoke box place kalled Do Re Mi that's nearby, and well i sung up a storm, but i can't sing at all to karaoke when it's just the words... i kinda need something going on in the background... i geuss i just need to get used to it.

Here is a conversation i had with a friend of mine at work...

Friend: that was fun....I thought they killed my internet connection for some reason
Friend: turns out the cord unplugged itself
Me: "unplugged itself" would we treat itself as used as a modifier to the verb to make it intransitive?
Me: i think we would
Me: the door opened itself...
Me: hmm in japanese it''s a DIFFERENT WORD!
Me: like
Me: hajimaru = transtive "to start"
hajimeru = intransitive "it started"
how fucked up is that@
Me: but there is no rule2
it sux i'll never get it
Friend: uh
Friend: what was wrong with 'unplugged itself'....technically speaking
Me: nothing
Friend: ok
Me: just asking if that by adding "itself" is how we make a verb intransicitive in english
Friend: itself is more of a noun
Friend: not that i know wtf an intransitive verb is
Friend: although apparently I can spell it better than you
Me: (i spelt it correctly the first time)
Me: intransitive and transitive forms of the verb are basically who did the action
Me: liek
i opened the door = transitive
the door opened itself = intransitive
Me: though certain things don't have an intransitive form like the wind blowing, or rain falling
Me: that's always transitive
Friend: I LIKE PIES!
Me: it's something we don't have in english and kicks my ass in japanese
Friend: Q.E.D.

And this is another convo i had when i foudn someone i worked with in one of the client systems i was working in:

Me Work: haha i was just messing around in the client system and found you as a user
Co-worker: that's funny.
Co-worker: can you see all my big sales
Me Work: i can't talk about customer data... nda and all
Co-worker: it was more of a joke and that makes perfect sense.
Me Work: hehe as was mine :P
Co-worker: he he
Me Work: mainly cause i'm lazy and don't know how to look up sales figures
Co-worker: Ah, laziness. I probably never entered them in.
Me Work: haha... and so the truth is revealed...
Co-worker: it sure is....later

So in japanese, the verb comes a tthe end of the sentence, and sometimes in english i just forget the verb in teh sentence... so i explained it to my friend that i don't have that problem in japanese cause you can jsut shout out the verb at teh end and it's all good, ever since he's been making fun of me everytime i forget hte verb...

Friend: no jewelery comes at the sticker price
Friend: it's a joke at this point, and very annoying
Me Work: yeah
Me Work: it's horrible
Friend: zomg you'll give me a 10k ring for 4k? you're AWESOME1!!
Me Work: 75% off sales
Friend: makes 0 sense
Friend: you have no idea on the price of anything until you actually try to buy it
Me Work: well cause there are poor people out there who'll just go an day what it is flat
Me Work: insert the verb "buy" soemwhere appropraite there
Friend: I...
Me Work: it'll make it easier to udnerstand
Friend: brain exploded reading that
Friend: rebooting...
Friend: try not to do that again, kthx
Friend: it's like installing 3 VPNs on 1 machine
Me Work: in japanese i could have jsut shouted "BUY" at the end and it would have made sense
Friend: everyhng statsrts oolkin like this....
Me Work: i missed 2 verbs in taht sentence in hindsight
Me Work: "pay" was the other one
Friend: my
Friend: see, I left out the bite, and ass...did you understand me?

Well... two days after that we had this convo.

Me Work: let's just the last time was a bad gauge
Friend: missed a verb again
Friend: pop it at the end!
Me Work: say
Friend: woot

Link Dump:

Cursed mirror - This japanese show about this screwed up mirror... you may not understand the japanese... but you'll figure out what's going on pretty quickly

Christian MP3 player - Check out htis - i'm totally against religion, but this is pretty cool idea....

Dirty Islands - Peopel are having fun with japanese here an the new wii globe

Vista Technologies - great techincaly review of soem of the new features in vista

Forks of Shame - for those people going ot japan who don't know how ot use chopsticks

Febuary 10th 7:58pm

So i've applied to the school in japanese i'll be going to and i've received my huge ass visa application. Have to do all this crazy stuff, like prove i can supprot myself voer there, photo copy every page of my passport, write an essay (this is the weirdest), and send my ORIGINAL diploma to japan.

So as you all see, i'm ashamed of boston and the whole debacle with teh cartoon network signs. I don't knwo what is wrong with these people, i'm i'm ashamed that boston SUED turner for this crap. I mean we are stupid, so we need ot make up for that fact by getting money somehow. It'll make it all better...

So my birthday is coming up... Hitting th big old 26, i'm going to be in my "late" twenties all of a sudden.. I'm old and rotting on the inside. If all goes to plan, this will be my last birthday in the states for awhile... Well, pretty much anything i do this year might eb the last time i do in america. Kinda weird thinking aobut shit that way.

January 22nd 11:01pm

Well, well... Yeah, these last 2 weeks have been a rollercoaster ride as usual.... Yeah for workign 15 hours on a saturday... anywho onto more pressing matters... I went into Boston paintball to do some paintballing with a co-worker of mine. It was pretty cool, he had let me borrow one of his older guns. Man it is a compeltely different game when you can fire as fast as you want to and when the bullets go straight.... Though most games i died in like the first 5 mins... this is why i shouldn't join the army... i'd die...

On sunday i went with a friend to help her get an extra wii, well there were so many we ended up getting 5! though alas, there was no controllers. It was cool though, we were waiting in line when this friend o fone of the kdis in line came up and was like dude i jsut got one at target and they have a ton left, so me and my friend just went ot raget. We felt bad, so we went back to best buy and i told the kid that they had a whole bunch at trget and he was like "Soo...". So i'm thinking.. uh ok... just tryign to help you out... And i crossed my name of the list and they were like.. why you crossing yoru name off and as i walk away i say "cause i just bouhgt 5" and the whole crowd is like "5!!!!!"

Hmm this site was alittle more excited when i waas posted pics every week wasn't it... heh... wonder what i shall do... hmm... well i need ot take more pictures of course! well we'll see what we can do about that...

So time for teh big news... I'm planning on moving to japan. In october... It's not set in solid stone right now, but if i can just sit down for a night for a few hours i can hammer it out and make it final. Yeah i'll just be leaving everything behind. But well, we'll see... This year is already turning out to be a great year for me, for so many different reasons, heh... i never made a new year's resolution... I know what it is now (mou kimetayo!). That aside... I advise everyone to do somethign in their life for their own happiness no matter what the cost. It is too easy to get stuck in teh rat race of a good job, buying a house, buying a fancy car and getting old. If you never take a chance with your life, you'll never going to experience something new, and i mean something completely new, you may jsut be fooling yourself about how happy you are in your current position in life. There are alot of people to meet, and alot of different cultures to experience. Hell, you may find yourself happier to just speak in a different language... but i can't explain that to you, it's something you have to do/try for yourself. We don't have many opportunities to do stuff ourselves, but even if shit crashes and burns and my first year in japan is a horrible horrible experience, at least i went for it and will never wonder. Don't forget, even bad experiences can be good experiences...

January 7th 7:24pm

Well well well... Happy new year. So, my aunt was able to snag a wii on teh 27th and so i'm no longer wii-less. Which is pretty cool. I ended up getting elebits, this game where you go around sucking up this little pokemon looking things, similiar in idea to luigi's mansion and other game like that... reminds me alot of katamari damarcy to tell you teh truth. Then i got rayman raving rabbits, that game is utterly ridiculous, it makes no sense. Tons of mini games though, great for a party. I'm about 30% through story mode, so somethign like 30% of hte mini games are open. Then i got trauma center, a doctor cut'em game... it's pretty cool, espciailly when you try to drop a large glass shard into the waste bin and you miss and it richochets off of everythign and lands smack dab right where it came from out of the patient. And zelda, though i haven't gotten much into zelda, i'm finding myself playgin games that i can easily walk away from.

So last week i spent in NYC, went down with a buddy from college and then we went in to nyc for new year's. Man people were everywhere in times square at 2pm, and people were already camped out on the sidewalk waiting for the ball drop. Unfortunately they don't put the ball up till like 5pm or something like that so we didn't get to see it.

The on actual new year's day, a friend of mine from japan was in NYC for the week so i spent the day with her showing her around nyc and chatting it up... all in japanese! w00t. Man i love speaking japanese so much, though i'm sure i sound like a retarded child/broken record sayign the same shit over and over again. But, good enough to know what was going on :D That was the highlight of my trip o tell you the truth. I hope i can get back to japan soon.

munchkin cats - 2 - check out these cats - they be like weiner dogs...

Random japanese music clip - yup - random as hell, i think tarako is the baby spokeman of mayo in japan

December 26th 6:05pm


Anyone else find this statement utterly hilarious. I got this as some part of spam, but it was just... wow... "Prestigious NON-accredited.." that just seems like an oxymoron to me. ANywho - some talking cats for your amusement.

So nothing new, xmas was cool, got some stuff for my imaginary wii, which was also a gift, just got to go an dget it myself... oh the torture... Thinking about taking some classes again at the showa institute of boston in february to keep up my Japanese. Finding it relaly hard ot independantly study. So for now, when i'm listening along ot my japanese songs in my car, i translate them in my head, and if it is a part i don't know, i'll try to sing with teh singer or alittle behind for speaking practice and such. yeah kinda weird, but it's one of the exercises i did in my class; listen to a speech and recite what you hear. It's really hard, but good practice.

So of course cause it's the holidays and cause work is picking up a little bit i've become... a tad busy... so i'm goin got keep posts to at least once a week. Plus the link dumps are fun...

Link Dump

Mac vs Pcs spoof commercials - has all the famous rip-offs of the apple commercials, my favoirte is the one with linux.

Wii suspected prototypes - no clue what the orange one was suppose to do

Case mods for your Wii - so you can get other colors for your wii instead of just white... just wait the 3 months for the new colors.

Okiina furudokei - One of my favorite songs to sing to in karaoke, donw by Hirai Ken - *edit* screw youtube - they yanked it already - thank goodness for take 6 though

Trunk monkey - Go trunk monkey!!! i like the theft deterrent system

SNL xmas song - hehe have fun wiht this one

Wii safety video - hehe yeah.. stupid people

Transformer Preview - yeah... and screw em for lack of vw bugs...

Japanese Love Hotels - In case you were wondering about japanese love hotels...

Ferrari racing through Paris - director was arrested, driver never revealed

December 17th 8:58pm

Well, man does time move fast... Didn't even realize but this coming weekend is xmas weekend. Got up again to go try to buy a wii, well teh lines were way longer than what they were for black friday, so i said it screw it. I geuss i'll have to wiat till next year. Oh well, there is really one or two games that i want to play right now anyways... yeah for cognitive disonance. Other than that, nothign really going on, work is busy, friends are busy, i'm busy. Hopefully i'll come across something interesting in the near future to post something meaningful up here.

Today's Neat links

Proces search - If you ever wondered what that random process is in task manager, this site has a search engine specifically for letting you find it. Good for seeing if you have any viruses running in memory

D&D and Israeli Army - Hehe, D&Ders aren't safe anywhere

Pancour - This reminds me of Jackie chan, but dangerous as hell. Seems cool though... again, like the b-boyign thing, you basically need ot be a gymanast... Just imagine running away from someone with this ability under you belt... won't be able to catch you...

Gin is Crazy - So gin is the owner of this forum, and one day he just snapped... i... yeah funny as hell... the first page should be enough cause i'm sure it degenerates very very quickly.

December 10th 8:54pm

Hey everyone, i'm not dead yet. Last two weeks i've been really busy, and it's starting to slow down... and with that slow down comes another trip to NY for 2 days for work. Which brings up that whole stupid hairgel/liguid rule and whatnot. I'd just liek to point out how america is so freaking slow to catch onto things. When i flew between various places in japan, whenever i brought a drink with me, they had one of those chromoscopes? where they drop teh bottle inot this machine, checks the composition and then you're done. Two seconds and life is done, very courteous, like "excuse me, do you mind if i check your drink before you board?", "why sure, go ahead". In america i can picture going something more along the lines "You dumb shit, why did you bring a liquid, now i'm going ot have to take that and give you a face like you shouldknow better". Alot of stuff is like that here in the US, get shit down by rudeness and force. Doesn't seem like that if you grew up here, just seems normal, but if you go somewhere else, albeit japan, the country known for its level of service, and you'll see an entirely different world. I'm done with my rant.

Anywho, i watch the first 6 episodes of Heroes tonight with some friends, damn that serious is awesome. I wish i was like the japanese dude. Plus, it's great to watch an american tv show with japanese in it. I don't understand all the japanese, but it's interesting to see how some stuff ends up getting translated.

Anywho, here comes this weeks link dump, which will hopefully make up for the lack of anythign new to red over the past week.

Ds add-on - let's you downlaod ds roms and play them from this cartidge on yoru ds

Free vista and office 2007 - fill otu some surverys, get some free MS software

Cat forums - hehe whenever the warcraft servers go down for maintenace on tuesdays, got nothing better to do than post some cats

Japanese game for DS - and finally a game where one might be able to learn japanese

Pac-man Physics - hehe good comic but this one was particularly funny

Flying wiimotes - Penny arcade's take on why poeple may be throwing their wiimotes.

Penguin errand boy - again, one of those things, only in japan

Wii vs Ps3 - why does sony keep putting their foot in their mouth... It's kinda liek the whole thing where sony sued this internet compnay (i forget their name now) because they sold japanese psp to people in england before it was available in england... Which is awesome cause even teh manager at sony of U.K. bought one!

Trans-fat - finally the u.s. is catchgni on and will start banning trans fats from its menu...only a few years behind europe, and only one state... just get that movign so i can enjoy my french fries without having to worry about getting as fat

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November 30th 11:43pm

Well it was almost 70 degrees this week... i hope we don't have a mild winter... i really want to go snowboarding. So i'm heading out to my company xmas party tomorrow, get to wear my suit i bought back in Jan finally, i'll try and remember to take pictures... Um.. and then i jump on a bus and head to NYC for my japaense test (again i reiterate, which i'll fail) on sunday. Then bussing back to boston that night... hopefully i won't be too exhausted... be workign liek a maniac at work... oh so very tired... Yeha for 50 hour week... Oh i started working out more... yeah for 75min of exercise a day now, let's jsut see how long i can keep it up, did i tfor 1 week... i can keep doing it... Anywho, here is a pic of the weather here in boston for the coming week, the numbers in white are the high temps for teh day and the blues the lows. For all you crazy people... 32degrees fahrenheit = 0 degrees celsius... Justto prove we have 20 degree tempeeature swings in MA. (oh today we borke the record for the hotest November 30th on record since 1881 with a high of 69)

November 29th 12:36am

Well not much going on in my life - got my big japanese proficiency test on sun, which i'm going ot fail. I haven't been able to study at all since i've gotten back. Been so busy with work and picking up the pieces of everythign i left behind when i went to Japan. Needless to say, my plan it to start studying 1 chapter a week with an essay written every sunday night and posted on my japanese versino fo this site. (that and this site needs an overhaul and a real linkage into a bloging software. let's see i have some more links for everyone today - everyone must wonder if i really work at all...

Cute japanese commercial - no which one girl would you choose?
got the following from a forum i read... now the link is meh, but the comment awesome...
"...can you argue with this?

I heard that Bush ordered a puppy to be executed. A cute puppy, one that would be missed. "

American stupidness strikes again - i wholly disagree with this, consent is not a legally binding verbal contract...
Wii cuteness within the help - move over apple, there is a new UI guy in town (scroll to help cat seciton at bottom)
Old people are crazy - yeah i just don't know how to respond here... satanic symbol... maybe if you are the anti-christ this symbol would offend you

Nice text from slashdot about a fake article that was posted - this is satire folks... but jsut think, it's not out of the realm of possibility. (everythign after this is copied from slashdot)

philba writes to tell us that home theaters may become the new jurisdiction of our MPAA overlords. The MPAA is lobbying to make sure that home users authorize their entertainment systems before any in-home viewings. From the article: "The MPAA defines a home theater as any home with a television larger than 29" with stereo sound and at least two comfortable chairs, couch, or futon. Anyone with a home theater would need to pay a $50 registration fee with the MPAA or face fines up to $500,000 per movie shown."

Of course the BBSpot piece is a satire but did you know that this was basically the way they intended things to go when VCRs were first invented?

The story is retold in one of Lessig's books -- The Future of Ideas, IIRC. Someone invented a videotape with a lock, so that to watch it a second time you had to pay (someone) again and get them to rewind for you.

As I understand it, an MPAA exec rejected the design, because there was no way to tell how many people were present at a given viewing. They wanted a design that charged by the person as well as per-play.

I don't understand the MPAA. In ways they're even more idiotic than RIAA. Let's take an example...

I'm sure most people have come across MPAA's anti-piracy adds. For example, there's that one that starts out by saying:


Now, let's just stop for a moment and consider the one segment of viewers who are 100% guaranteed to see this ad: Legitimate customers. What is the car-world equivalent of legitimate customers? Car owners. When was the last time you got into your car and saw a big sign saying "YOU WOULDN'T PIRATE A MOVIE!" spraypainted across your windshield? What about the candy equivalent? How often do you buy a Coffee Crisp only to open it up and find, drizzled onto the top of the bar in iridescent-green super-sour gummy, "YOU WOULDN'T POACH ELK OUT OF SEASON...". Does IHOP serve pancakes with motor-oil drizzled on top of them to spell out "YOU WOULDN'T EAT YOUR NEIGHBOR'S KIDNEY WITH A NICE CHIANTI AND SOME FAVA BEANS..."

Only the MPAA is insane enough to take the one thing they have to offer a customer and deliberately vandalize it in a way that only their legitimate customers are likely to see. The scary thing is that these morons have enough money to lobby the government for stuff nearly as crazy as in the linked spoof. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if people did pirate movies a little more so that the MPAA didn't have quite so much money to throw around in Washington.

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